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I have been a Red since I was about 6 or 7. My boyhood hero was Kenny Dalglish and I have an autograph from him while he was still at Celtic. Thanks Gran! As such I gravitated towards the team he played for. So I have been Scottish-South African- Scoucer for about 30 years now! I am extremely passionate about our club, and have felt the need to start this blog in the face of the abject nature of our performaces under Benitez and the Hicks/Gillett ownership.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

A load of Cobblers!!!!

Well what can you say,

You pick your squad players against a team in the lower reaches of League 2 at home and play a 4-2-3-1 with no real holding player. Remember we are not sure what Lucas is, but we know he isn't a football player!

Think we started well enough great ball from Agger to Jovanovic and he took it well. But after that did we dominate the game, did we do anything, no we sat back, let them have the ball and play football..... A nonsense really, we are at home to a team 63 places below us!!!! Babel was completely useless, this guy whines everytime he isnt included and when is involved he does nothing.

Honestly him and Jovanovic should have been terrorising the Northampton defence with their pace, but they always seemed to recieve the ball with their backs to goal and centrally, hardly the most effective use of their skills.

I think this game proves that we have a squad more suited to the Champoinship than the Premiership at the moment. None of the players on dislpay rose to the challenge and dominated the game. Only Pacheco put in a decent shift. Again we cant defend crosses they pulled our midfield all over the place.

We have lost another proud record, lowest team to ever knock us out of a cup and only our 2nd penalty shoot-out defeat. Hodgson reign has started extremely poorly and this season is already looking like a right off. Fortunately we have not lost too much ground this weekend with everyone else dropping points.

Lets wait and see what rubbish awaits us on Thursday away at Utrecht.


Lethergy at the Legions of Doom

Well I have finally got round to watching our trip to the Theatre of Delusions, The Cobblers from Wednesday night and yesterday Mackem Mayhem. Honestly, is Benitez still in charge???????

The players used against Man U were useless. We let 2 geriatrics and the most avergae Scottish player in history, run the midfield. Maxi & Joe Cole were so ineffective as widemen that John O'Shea looked like raiding rightback. Poor Konchesky got terrorised by Nani, with no protection whatsoever in fornt of him.

We had no tempo to our play agin, we never looked like scoring and if were 2 or 3 down at halftime we could not have complained. We had plenty possesion, but made less than rudimentory use of it. Van Der Saar could have sat in the stands all game. I expecting it to be difficult, but you expect Liverpool players to stand up and be counted. Again that didn't happen. Sure Gerrard scored 2 goals, but we never then pressed on, despite how fragile they have been at the back of late.

All 3 goals came from crosses, due to no pressure being put on the man who is doing the crossing. At this level if you stand off all the time, they will eventually get one right.

Goal One - WTF was Torres doing??? How can you mark someone standing behind them and on the wrong side. More importantly, why was Torres marking him at all???? We have Gerrard and Poulsen who are better suited for that task. Torres should be the free man at the near post heading the ball out not Gerrard. That about the 5th or 6th near post corner goal we have conceded against them in 6 seasons. Ferdinand, O'Shea and Ronaldo twice I can remember off the top of my head.

Goal 2 - Not enough pressure on the cross, and yes great skill from Berbatov, but why was Carra standing the best part of 7 yards away from the man he was suppose to be marking??? Is it any wonder Berba had enough time use his knee and them perform a bicycle kick. Skrtel never let Rooney out of his sight all game, result, he was a non-event.

Goal 3 - Carra again caught under the ball, meaning he has no leverage to just with Berbatov, never mind compete for the ball. I have been saying for 2 years that Carra is passed his sell-by-date, how much more evidence do we need? He doesn't read the game well anymore, he is to slow and isn't physically strong enough anymore. Lets get Agger in alongside Skrtel and let them build a partnership, after all they are surely the future of our club....

I think Hodgson got it tactically wrong, we didn't press the ball at all which is odd, because normally we are all over Man U like wasps when we play them. The lack of tempo suited them. We should have had at least one pacy player on the pitch. Babel down the right or left may have helped, would certainly restricted the wide players and ful back having the freedom of the pitch.

We looked better when we went to 4-4-2 but still lacked purpose and drive. Apparently Morelies got our Man of the Match, for what I dont know. Not sure any combination of players would have worked, in light of the general malaise that seems to be going around the club at the moment. Hodgson's appointment hasn't given players lift at all, and his tactics seem to be deflating them further.

YNWA , seem to think this stands for You'll Never Win Again at the moment.....

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hodgson Hope Fading

I have just read my last post before starting this one, it was full of hope, optimism and positivity. How quickly that has been washed away in the opening month of the season.

I see a new manager, some new players (although crucially no striker) and yet we get the same abysmal performances.

We looked all at sea against Arsenal unto Joe Cole got sent off, then we resembled a football team in the 2nd half, that was comfortably keeping the best passing team in the land at bay until Pepe's last minute blunder.

The Man City display was pathetic. I hope Roy made them walk home. The 2 games against Trabsonspor were even worse, still dont know how we managed to knock them out. We were useless in both games and somehow we snuck through.

So next up was West Brom at home, surely the real Liverpool woud appear, unfortunately it did, 2 holding midfield players, no urgency no cohesion. A moment of brilliance from Dirk and Nando got us out of jail.

Then some good news, Meireles & Konchesky in, Mascha out, and Torres comes back from 2 games with Spain and isnt injured!

So again, falsely I thought we would get a performance today against a strong and disciplined Birmingham side. Alas, Woe Betide, our new coach seems to be metamorphasising into Rafa. At Fulham, his teams worked hard, harrassed the opposition and used skill to pass and score goals. So far we have seem almost none of those characteristics in his Liverpool team. I fully accept he has inherited a squad low on confidernce and self-belief. I also accept that his tactics etc will take some time to bear fruit, but I do not expect or accept more apathy.

Today, we deploy 2 holding drones again, result - unmitigated dross. I fully appreciated that we have not beaten BHM City since the times of Houllier, I have mentioned several times in the past that they seem to have our number. However I dont think any Liverpool fan expects to see their team turn up away from home and make no attempt to play football, press the ball, or show a lack of desire to play for the club. But that is what we got today. Torres looks like he would rather be somewhere else. He seems to only want to pass to Stevie G, gave the ball away far too much. I would rather we play Ngog if Torres isnt interested.If he continues with this attitude bung him in the reserves til January. He needs to remember who pays his wages and what stadards we expect of our players.

Glen Johnson was by far the best player on the pitch, for Birmingham. Constantly gave the ball away, out of position, showed no urgency to chase back. If thats England's right-back it might explain why they were so poor at the WC.

In general our play was sloppy and half-arsed, we were playing at half the tempo required in a Premiership game, and never really got going until it was almost too late. The Spawn of Satan (Lucas) was again magnificent - How else do you explain his ability to hoodwink 2 managers into believing he can play football??? Honestly if you placed a wardrobe, slightly to the left of the centre circle on the halfway line, you would get better results than playing the Brazilian donkey. At least you could play a 1-2 with the wardrobe and it might intercept the ball without giving away needless fouls!

Stevie G has to play in centre midfieldand not in the hole. Baz the Spaz marked him out the game today and only when Meireles came on and he dropped deeper, did he have any influence on the game and did we look lie football team.

Thought on the whole it was far from acceptable, and I think Hodgson really needs to get into these guys, they play for LFC, not Lazy Bastard FC. West Ham & Newcastle is where overpaid never-wases go, not our club. On Sunday we travel to the free-scoring Legions of Doom at their Theatre of Delusions. Unless we up our game 200%, we will get hammered. We look letharic, unfit, uninterested. We are suppose to be ushering a new era under Hodgson, so I would expect a more robust set of performances. We won't be in contention for a top 7 place if this continues.

Still we can alway rely on Torres to scare Vidic into another sending off! That would be nice. I thought Knochesky did well and Jovanovic was better in 2nd half when he tucked in a bit to allow Konchesky space to overlap.Pepe was our real saviour with 3 excellent saves in the 1st half.

Hopefully we will an outbreak of entertainment against Steau on Thursday, last time I went to watch us play Steau, we bored them 1-0 and Sami almost gave away a pen in the last 5 minutes, any takers on a repeat with Carra doing a Sami impression???????

YNWA , but it is a feeble tiresome walk at the moment.