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I have been a Red since I was about 6 or 7. My boyhood hero was Kenny Dalglish and I have an autograph from him while he was still at Celtic. Thanks Gran! As such I gravitated towards the team he played for. So I have been Scottish-South African- Scoucer for about 30 years now! I am extremely passionate about our club, and have felt the need to start this blog in the face of the abject nature of our performaces under Benitez and the Hicks/Gillett ownership.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bridging the Gap

Firstly let me dal with some serious business. Our glorious leader Bill Shankly was once asked if football was a matter of life and death, with his quick Ayrshire wit he retorted, 'Its more important than that'. Sadly this oft quoted piece of Liverpool lore rings particularly hollow this week.With the passing of Brad Jones' 6 year-old son Luca, this week after a battle with Leukemia. Clearly a reminder that its just a game no matter how passionately and important it seems to us. 

Thankfully all our squad returned from the the monthly FIFA circus of qualifiers/play-off/friendlies unscathed. Most significantly Suarez who netted all 4 in a thrashing of Chile. He picked up a slight back strain and was sensibly rested for their other qualifier. Other notable performances Kelly on target twice for England's U21 against Iceland and Belgium. Henderson looked good against the Scandanavians but didn't have the same impact against Belgium. If he isnt outstanding at that level he cant expect to start for us. He has even fallen behind Jack Rodwell who played for the senior England team.

Danny Wilson played in a great performance by Scotland U21's who beat Holland 2-1 in their own back yard, a great result and they could have had more.Charlie Adam played for Scotland in rank improving friendly win against Cyprus.  Even Big Dan Agger was netting for Denmark. Downing  and Johnson played well against Sweden. With the latter also putting an excellent shift in against Spain. That game really upset me. The amount of current ex-Pool player on the pitch was maddening more so because most of them were playing for Spain, the World Champions! Like Villa we seem to be providing bigger clubs with talent, I have to be honest dont mind if tehy go to Madrid or Barca, that has to be the ultimale compliment.

Great team selection by King Kenny today. Donkey Carroll left out. Unleashing Suarez and Bellamy instead. They made Chelski's life a particular misery in the 1st half. We were aidied by some schoolboy stuff from the Blue Scum at the back. Although David Luiz has the nickname 'Sideshow Bob' due to his frizzy barnet, his performance today was more Krusty the Clown! He was appalling against QPR the other week but for some reason he is still keeping Alex and even Ivanovic out of the centreback position. I dont know how,he thinks he is Lionel Messi

Maxi provided a freshness and added solidity to our left side. Nothing against Downing, but with him having played twice for England in the last week probably needed a rest. Bellamy also was fresh and confident after his great performance for Wales, scoring 1 and making 2 in their 4-1 win over Norway.

Maxi drifted infield when appropriate to either press the ball and make the extra man or indeed to make himself available  as an option. We pressed Chelski high up the pitch which was easy as they were playing a highline. A ploy they have fallen foul of against Arsenal and they shipped 5 that day. Had our final ball been slightly better we could have pierced this shield much more effectively than we did. Still as it was we looked dangerous whenever we had the ball. As I have mentioned previously we need to make better decisions in the final third and improve our ruthlesness.

It was only right we went ahead. What Cech was thinking when rolled out the goalkick to Mikel, God only knows. Suarez and Bellamy were already making it impossible for Mikel to use Terry or Luiz as options and with his back to play it should have bee na firm pass straight back to Cech. He dallied as he always does, looking like a Rhino in possesion rather than a Gazelle, Adam pounced nicked the ball off him and fed Bellamy. A neat 1-2 with Suarez and it looked like Bellers was going to pull the trigger but thankfully he spotted Maxi in a better position. Maxi didnt disappoint and calmly slotted over Cech.

Halftime was reached without too many traumas Chelski's only threat was a Drogba freekick which fooled most people into thinking it was in despite hitting the back stantion. The other a Mata cross shot which he should have done better with.

They had to make a change and cumbersome oafish Mikel was withdrawn. I don't understand why ManUre and Chelski went to court to settle who owned this donkey. He isn't a Premier League player and would probably struggle in the Championship. He cant pass,tackle or read the game something required for the role. Sturridge was introduced and he made a difference with Mata playing more centrally. Suddenly Chelski were finding space between our defensive lines and Malouda in particular causing mayhem down the left.

We didn't help ourselves by dropping deeper and deeper which allowed Lampard and Ramires to start picking passes. Johnson looked woefully out of his depth when faced with this threat. Malouda and Mata running past him with ease. He doesn't know how to jockey, block or show someone the line. Several times when he slid to block the cross he was using his left foot???? He is right footed you always use that as if means you are better balanced. For me his winning goal sums up exactly why we should use him as a winger. A fulback he ain't. His pace and control and his willingness to cut inside and shoot with his left are an asset and he generally does cross well when he goes on the outside. He made Ashley Cole look very average as he ghosted past him and was extremely composed when he pased it into the far corner.

It only took 9 minutes of this type for pressure for us to fold. Sturridge drifting in off the far post with no-one near him to tap in. at that stage we were looking very ragged and almost conceced a 2nd within a few minutes when a Drogba freekick was flicked on by Ivanovic  only for Pepe to pull off a Worldy low to his left on the line.

Unfortunately this didnt jerk us out of our defensive ways and I thought they were going to run riot. Fortunately they didnt do much else. Throwing on Meireles and Torres with just 9 minutes to go was clearly too little too late. Our changes were better. Bellamy had worked his socks off Henderson provided the extra body in midfield we needed. Bringing on Downing for Maxi again a good choice for the opposite reason. IE it gave us someone else with pace to break.

Overall I think we were probably lucky to sneak it but as seems to be the case, when its a 'BIG' game we turn up. Lets hope we can replicate that next week against City. Pity we cant do it at home against Sunderland,Swansea and Norwich. I dont think 4-4-2 with Carrol helps as all to often we lump it or he end up out wide when he should be in the box and let the others  build up play. A draw would be a good result with the way they are playing.  


P.S. Possible European Championships draw - Spain,Italy,Greece and Ireland - The Group of Debt? 

P.P.S - looks like we will getting knocked out fo League Cup with only 1 day between our game with City and a return to Bridge, King Kenny has told the faithful not to bother travelling Well done to Sky for actually robbing the viewing and paying public of a cracking tie. Why isn't the Man City v Arsenal game  on Tuesday and ours on Wednesday, that would make more sense seeing as they both play on Saturday. Idiots.

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Swansong for our Season?

What a load of absolute rubbish! No I am not talking about FIFA's insane decision to stop England or any team wearing the Poppy on on their kit in the upcoming meaningless, money making fixtures. Does the baffoonery at that organisation know no bounds?? It is not a Political,Religious or Corporate statement, it beggers belief.

I am indeed discussing the dross that a full house at Anfield had to endure on Saturday and those of us masochists how have bothered to watch subsequent airings on LFC TV.  I think this best sums it up. We made Wayne Routledge look good!!!! How damning is that. A player who in 105 appearances has scored 1 goal at this level.

We started flat and were given a great chance to take the lead early on when Adam's 1st time ball down the channel was pounced on by Downing who got to the byline and crossed a peach of a ball on a plate only for Carroll to somehow rattle the crossbar from 6 yards when it was easier to score. One of the misses of the season. Not even the LFC TV commentators seemed that surprised by the miss.

Unfortunately that was about as good as it got. Kenny again giving Henderson an opportunity to start while the ever-reliable Kuyt cools his jets on the bench. Yet again this overpriced moron has no idea how to play right midfield. Time after time we looked for an outlet and he always central getting on both Lucas and Adam's way. He is not good enough to start at the moment and I doubt he ever will be.  

We do not have the luxury of carrying 2 players while they bed in. Carroll  has some excuse due to his injury in the latter part of last season however Henderson started almost every league game for Sunderland last season so he cant claim not to be at the races. I think he wants to play centrally and no matter what he has been told he keeps drifting inside to try and prove he belongs there. The result is he compromises our shape and tactics leaving us lop-sided and exposed.

If he wants to play centrally fine, he is then behind Lucas,Adam,Spearing,Gerrard and even on loan players like Pacheco,Cole,Shelvey and Aquilani. That is how utterly out of his depth and useless he is. The fact that Kenny hooked him at halftime shows that perhaps the King's patience is finally running out. We again appear to have been fleeced and paid over the odds for average talent. Even Downing at £20 mill is too much, Ashley Young, a far superior player went for £16 mill. At least Downing looks threatening and is clearly trying and does deliver crosses and the odd shot of note. So between the best part of £75 million on 3 players their return in the League so far this season is 4 goals with no assists in 20 starts. Brilliant. That will win you many games NOT.
Ashley Young and David Silva between them have scored 6 and created 13 between them in about the same number of games.

I know Kenny has a large say in who we go for but what is Comolli doing? The 3 transfers are over priced and quality isn't quite there from 2 of them. Last week Comolli was swanning at the Emirates with Wenger last week. Unless he was checking out the two Ayew brothers that play for Marseille, I doubt he was trying to get Van Persie on loan!

I still think we were silly holding out for 50mill for Torres. £40 mill and Sturridge was what we turned down, not very shroud. We could have kept the 40 mill and had another striker. That would surely have helped us this summer in keeping Meirles and Aquilani who are wage refugees. That would have meant that if we still wanted Carroll we could have got him on the summer on our terms we certainly wouldnt have had to pay £35 mill for him. Or we could have bought a footballer!

Anyway back to the miserable affair on Saturday. Our tempo was too slow,..... again. We were ponderous on the ball. Lucas had a mare which is unusual, tackling, passing positioning all over the place.  Other than that early chance from Carroll and a curler from Suarez we didn't really do much. Danny Graham spurned the 2nd best chance of the half when he failed to get sufficient contact on a Routledge cross. A product of a mazy run which left, Johnson, Lucas and Henderson in his wake.

So at halftime all square in  game lacking tempo, quality and  chances. Thankfully Kenny took action and subbed Henderson and replaced him with Kuyt. Unfortunately as has been the case in all our home games we didn't really do anything. Although Kuyt stayed wide right our overall tempo passing was still poor. We seem to expect things to happen rather than making them happen.

Swansea were brighter and Pepe was definitely busier and again showed his jittery side. Coming out to close down Dyer when he had no chance of getting there and then spilling a shot from Danny Graham.  Only with 15 minutes to go did we ramp things up Bellamy helping the urgency. We created several late chances but Vorm was inspired or we made poor decisions again.

I have no issue with the Kuyt goal that was ruled out, even if the ball may have come of Swansea player rather than Agger. Sian Massey got it right. The ball went towards Swansea's goal it was reasonable to assume it came off Agger last and Dowd agreed straight away. 

Once again too little too late.Not once this season have we put 2 halves together and we have barely put 30 continuous minutes together. We have only beaten Bolton and Wolves so far this season.That says it all really. Sunderland,ManUre,Norwich and now Swansea have taken points from us. Hardly 'This is Anfield' more 'This is  a draw'.........  

Only Agger,Suarez and Downing can say they had decent games the rest need to look at themselves long and hard this week.

Last season we couldn't play away from home, this season we appear unable to do either. I really cant see a top 4 finish. I was at Craven Cottage yesterday and saw Spurs do very little for 90 minutes except counter attack and they won 3-1. They only had 5 shots the whole game, in other words, ruthless. They are streets ahead of us. They took off Van Der Vaart and brought on Defoe.  we still dont have enough quality.

I was not expecting a title challenge this season but at least a good run to 3rd or 4th. The Manchester teams were always going to be the benchmark this year for winning the League. Chelski are too old and have their own issues and will probably get 3rd or 4th,With the rubbish start Arsenal have had (now level on points with us) surely we were contending with Spurs for 4th?

Apparently not. It now looks like fighting  Newcastle and Stoke for a possible Europa League place. Another season of frustration and woe. I cant see how we can expect any points on our next two games if we continue to play like this. Chelski arent really firing and we should be going there on the back of 3 straight wins. Instead we still dont know what team is going to show up. The one that dominated ManUre and should have won, or the rubbish we saw at Spurs and at home recently.

Apparently we are not that bad as, Glenn Johnson has beaten Micah Richards to an England call up???? Clearly Cappello wasn't at Anfield watch Routledge hand him his own arse. One can only imagine what the Spanish will do to him.....

I will manfully continue to pick my team that clearly Kenny's will not resemble. Clearly belows selection is if everyone returns from the International break unscatched


We need to use the pace we have on the break as that is our best chance to hurt them.  I pick Kelly over Johnson as he is a better defender and has a presence in our box to deal with Chelski's height. For me Glenn Johnson should be a winger, he is poor defensively in all department except pace.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ruling the Britannia and Boing-ing the Baggies

2 great performances last week. Firstly a tough trip to the Britannia and teh scene of an earlier league defeat for us. Kenny remained true to his word by fielding a very strong lineup. back four of Kelly-Carra-Coates-Agger in midfield Maxi-Lucas-Spearing-Henderson and our main strikeforce upfront of Carrol and Suarez.

We totally dominated the first half. Carroll looked lively, Suarez excelelnt as always. Lucas and Spearing battled hard in the midfield. AAs seems to be the way with us thsi season we dont take our chances and as soon as we present the opposition with a sniff they seem to score. What Seb Coates was doing letting the ball bounce 3 times out wide on the right only he will know. Jon Walters is strong quick and deadly as Coates found out. Outmuscled and then outpaced.A pinpoint cross onto the completly unmarked Kenwyne Jones and we are suddenly a goal down having dominated completely.

Fortunately we didn't let that set-back affect us and were level after 54 minutes with a magnificent strike from Suarez. He had the ball out wide on the right and was faced with Ryan Shotton, he simply knocked the ball through his legs and curled a magnificent shot beyond Begovic into the far corner of the net. The ball had so much late spin on it it actually got tangled in the bottom of the net!. The goals was enough to win Suarez goal of the week on SKY. We continued to look comfortable in a game that became a bit scrappy and if anyone was going to score in normal time it was us.

The largely anonymous Jordan Henderson (too much time spent drifting inside aimlessly) finally made a contribution. For once he was out on the right and his 1st time volleyed cross was pounced on by Suarez to notch up his second of the game with a neat header. If Henderson is suppose to play on the right then he should stay there. Too often he was central when we needed an outlet. His lack of perfrmance so far is all the more galling when this week we see Aquilani running Champions League matches for AC Milan. He cost the same as Henderson and for me is a far superior player. I can only think that his wages are the reason we have loaned him out again because how we can say we dont need or want a player of that quality is amazing.

So a good win under our belt and the Quarter final draw didn't do us any favours. Yet another away tie this time at Chelski. As usual ManUre's ball was heated and they got a soft home tie against Palace. Gooners also got stiched up with a tie against Man City.

Next, the Hawthorns on Saturday night. With Carra injured on Wednesday against Stoke, Agger stepped in to the breach. Henderson started again and poor Dirk is still getting splinters. Martin Kerlly was also unlucky to lose out to Glenn Johnson. I still think Kelly is a better defender and that Johnson would better deployed as a winger. Again we started well and were rewarded with a penalty in the 9th minute. Why Lee Mason didn't give it himself is beyond me, he was only 5-10 yards away. Thankfully the linesman had some balls and gave the penalty. Sure Suarez does go down easily a lot of the time but Jerome Thomas' challenge was poor and clumsy and he clearly hangs his leg out which Suarez runs into. Up stepped Chucky and dispatched it with aplomb. 

We were rarely threatened by the Baggies and got a good 2nd just before the break.Great pass from Suarez to Carroll in acres of space. He had a poor 1st touch but thinkthat actaully helped, it met that Foster thought he could beat him to the ball and it limited Carroll's options. Thankfully he got there first and poked it under the keeper and into the net. The 2nd half was a bit of a damp squib but again we looked more likely.

Swansea on Saturday, a dangerous team to play at home. They have real pace in Sinclair and Dyer and have started to find their scoring touch. I think Brendan Rogers is doing a magnificent job considering the restrictions he is working under. Of the 3 promoted teams they were the ones I fear for most but they have equiped themselves well. Hopefully they are below par or indeed we are on top of our game. We need a big home win to take into the away game at the Bridge next week. Another game I think we can win. Chelski look out of sort at the moment and might not be a bad tme to play them.

So my team for Swansea on Saturday would be:


I know Kenny will probably opt for Henderson and Carroll over Kuyt and Bellamy but I think they offer us more than the 2 youngsters at the moment.


P.S. Congrats to Stevie G and Alex on the birth of their 3rd child Lourdes this week.
Let also hope Stevie's infected ankle gets sorted soon as well, although we seem to be coping quite well without him.