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I have been a Red since I was about 6 or 7. My boyhood hero was Kenny Dalglish and I have an autograph from him while he was still at Celtic. Thanks Gran! As such I gravitated towards the team he played for. So I have been Scottish-South African- Scoucer for about 30 years now! I am extremely passionate about our club, and have felt the need to start this blog in the face of the abject nature of our performaces under Benitez and the Hicks/Gillett ownership.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sick as a Canary

What a painful week to be a Liverpool fan. Firstly to lose to a second string Rangers team with your own second string on Tuesday with a totally uninspired performance is not good. Admitedly a midfield containing Maxi,Lucas,Spearing and Aurelio is unlikely to provide much ammunition for Carrol and Bellamy.

We were lucky not to be further behind after 25 minutes, only a combination of great keeping from Doni and wasteful finishing from Rangers. As an exercise we got 65 minutes out of Glenn Johnson. Agger and Aurelio played longer and its good they are back to fitness. Only player who impressed other than the keeper was Bellamy. He was rewarded with a starting position on Saturday against Norwich.

What a game that was, I have no idea how we didnt score 10 never mind only get a draw!  We were completely dominant except for almost the whole game except for 10 to 15 minutes at the start of 2nd half.

I looked at our starting line up and thought Wow that going to be hard to stop. So it proved a combination of Ruddy in goal and Barnett a one man defensive wall, he seemed to be everywhere blocking and tackling, and the woodwork kept us at bay. I know its hard to be critical of a team that has had 29 shots in a game but tellingly only 9 on target. Norwich had 12 shots and  had 7 on target.

I said we werent ruthless enough against ManUre and we repeated the wastefulness here. I believe Suarez had 12 shots, a Premier League record for a single game, but only about 3 or 4 of those were on target and only 2 the keeper was forced into proper saves and what saves they were!!! I am not having a pop at Luis he was certainly our man of the match and you cant ask for more from your topman other than a bit of luck.

I do think some of our decision-making was poor in the last 3rd, too many times we shot when we should have passed, and passed when we should have shot and sometimes we didnt really pick out team-mates who were better placed. Too many crosses were hit in aimlessly without checking who was where. We need to show more patience. Illustrated In the 1st half  when Bellers could have cut the ball back to Kuyt and in the 2nd when Suarez shot from an acute angle after some great build up play when Stevie G was square and in position for a tap-in.

There goal was a shambles, yet again Pepe was at fault. He spilt almost every shot Norwich had at goal and then for some reason came  out for a hailmary punch that he was never going to get to and only succeeded in clattering Carra and Johnson, neither of whom was getting to the ball either . Mr Holt wanted it more. We almost fell for the same trick a couple of minutes later but thankfully this time Pepe stayed his line and made a decent save from another Holt header.

We almost snatched it at the end with Carroll and Suarez having great chances. ManUre and Chelski both struggled to put Norwich to bed but did so late on. That unfortunately is the difference between contending and ensuring a top 4 finish and being an also ran. We are a quarter of the way through the campaign and after the glorious slaughter of his knighted smugness by City today are 10 points off the pace. Extrapolate that out for the remainder and we finish 40 points behind.

We havent had the toughest start to the season. We have played 2 of the top 6 away, win 1 win and 1 loss. A draw against ManUre which was a disappointing result but not performance. We should have beaten Sunderland on the opening day, more points dropped there. I would say we are probably 6 points off what our performances have deserved. The defeats at Spurs and Stoke were always going to be tough games.

So where are we? 6th according to the table. Steve Clarke said before the International  break we have had an average start. With 2 subsiquent draws I would think that has to be moving towards below average. Remember our new owners have spent over 100 million to get us to the right place and in general we have seen a vast improvement in style and energy in our performances. The results arent quite there yet but on the whole we are definitely moving forward but I think we are stalled at the moment.

Arsenal have had a horrible time of things and yet they are only 2 points behind us and have scored more goals.........

Kenny has tinkered with the line-up after giving most of the new arrivals 5-6 games to bed in. Enrique,Downing and Adam have certainly done that. I think Henderson is showing that this a bit of a step too far at the moment and I am glad Kenny is using him as a sub instead. He has made impact in both games in that role.

I think we have 14 quality players we can use at the moment, basically the starting 11 plus Kelly,Lucas and Agger. The rest are works in progress. I hope that over time Carroll, Henderson and Shelvey will make the grade.  

We have 4 tough game on the bounce now. Trips to Stoke, The Hawthorns and Stamford Bridge and Man City at home. Brittania is obviously a Cup game but we really need to get a win. West Brom are proving to be tough nuts to crack under out former boss. Pity we werent the same under him! Chelski is always tough as an away fixture for us and after what City did at the Legions of Doom today not looking forward to that game.

Lets hope we can put 2 wins together and then take what we can from Chelski and Man City I imagine we will need to win one of those.


P.S. Ballotelli burnt his house down during the week, not a bad idea if you are going to score 2 against ManUre!!!    

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Stevie G Was Key Only to be Undone by a Little Pea

Lucky,Lucky,Lucky Manc Gits!!!!! 

That just about sums up yesterday. Firstly at the news of the respective teams I went yes! Brilliant Fergie has cocked this up. How can he rest Nani - 'Your just a shit Micheal Jackson' - Spurs fans at OT this season cant claim credit for that one!, Shrek - ' I kick anyone so I dont have to waste another summer with JT and Cashley Cole ina foreign shithole' and Herdandez - whose nickname means little pea although its  longer than his surname - Spanish must be a very difficulty language to speak in!!!. and still expect to win the game?

They say in football you should never set out to achieve a drawbut I dont see what else  SithLord Fergie was trying to achieve. He matched us up in a 4-2-3-1 and basically came to kill the game.
You can look at that in 2 ways a mark of respect considering we have won the last 3 at Anfield, or he doesnt really see us as a threat so he can rest his best players.

Lets be honest that wasn't a lineup that put fear in your heart. Johnny 'Titanic' Evans with Rio not great and then Fletcher and Jones holding with Park, Giggs the geriatric sibling fiance shagger and Young with Wellbeck up front. was this a Carling Cup tie or a 'Champions League@ tie against the 14th placed team in turkey? No its suppose to be your toughest game.

The 1st half was a bit of a stalemate. Phil Jones with a free header and Suarez with his usual wriggly dribble and shot about the only notable chances. The 2nd half and they started more positively, Ashley Young  cutting inside and getting the better of Kelly and Lucas. Yet again Pepe Reina spilled a shot that was straight at him from a freekick, fortunately it didnt fall to Wellbeck. Once we took Lucas off (before he got sent) and Henderson came on we looked a lot better.

Stevie G dropped deeper and looked happier. I thought he was trying to do too much  and his crossing wasn't great. He was obviously desperate to impress after such a long absence and in such an important match. In the 1st half he tried his trademark 'Hollywood passes' too often when a simpler pass to a teammate was on. I think Steve needs to realise that we dont rely on him solely anymore, he doesnt need to try and do everything himself anymore. He needs to let Adam,  Downing and Suarez take corners and freekick when its appropriate.

Thankfully his headstrong performance allowed us to take deserved lead after a rather soft freekick given against Rio for the faintest contact on Chucky. Mariner clearly bottled that decision as if that was foul, then it was yellow and Rio should have walked. I for one was glad he didnt send him off as we are quite crap against ten and dont seem to know how to break teams down. So thankfully Giggs and DeGea hadnt gone to Wickes or B&Q and therefore didnt build a wall properly!! Not Stevie's best effort as he mentioned afterwards but in it went.

They made the triple change we were expecting at some point and for 10 minutes they looked good and scored a good set piece goal. Sktrel was to busy wrestling with Hernandez and lost him in the box and Carra was too slow to cover Wellbeck faint to make space for himself and a textbook near post flick on.

Their goal seemed to galvanise us  and De Gea made excellent saves from Kuyt and Henderson. Downing unleashed a rasper that blistered the paint on the Kop end crossbar. But alas our lack of a ruthless streak let us down again. I cant help but feel that was a missed opportunity yesterday to beat Man U and set out a marker for the of the League.

They got out of jail and I would have given the Man of the Match to De Gea not Gerrard, he kept them in it. We have 2 winable games up next in Norwich and West Brom. With Lucas suspended, I imagine Kenny will revert to 4-4-2 with Carroll joining Suarez up top and Gerrand and Adam centrally. I would leave Downing and Kuyt as the wide players.

We have 4 games in the next 2 weeks, starting with a friendly with Rangers on Tuesday, think that was part of Danny Wilson transfer. Imagine Kenny will play lots of youngsters and a couple of the fringe players who arent getting a run. Imagine - Shelvey,Spearing,Coates,Maxi,Bellamy will play some part. with Flanno,Robinson,Wisdom,Coady,Rehman thrown in. Then Norwich in the late game next Saturday and then Stoke away on the League Cup. Imagine they will field a weakened team with Europa league commitments stretching their squad. A chance for revenge for the league defeat and then away at the Hawthorns. 


P.S.  Great to see Ngog,scoring yesterday............

Friday, 14 October 2011

ManUre Musings

Wow where has the time gone?

Well a brief catch up on events over the past few weeks. Wolves game again we lacked ruthlessness, cruising at halftime only to let Fletcher score with almost the 1st attack of the 2nd half. Did we wake up and push on again, not really. Still a win is a win at this stage and we are still trying blend 4 or 5 new players into the team.

One player who isn't cutting at the moment in Henderson. He was completely anonimous against Wolves, thankfully Kenny saw the light and didn't play him against Everton in the derby. He has no workrate, no end product and keeps drifting in-field, he then doesn't come back when he loses the ball. Kuyt is still our best option on the right unless you use Bellamy or Johnson if he ever gets fit again.

The derby itself looked like a good open game with the Toffees slightly on top in the early part of the game. Obviously the game changed in intensity and complextion with the bizarre sending off of Jack Rodwell. In real time I thought 'thats a foul'. Martin 'FIFA List' Atkinson who was only 3 yards away clearly thought he saw something heinous. When he went for a card, again I though 'OK yellow, 1st meaty challenge lets get on with the game'. No, out came the red and with it went any entertainment from the game.  Everton put up the barriers and we were yet again faced with the same problem we always have when the other team get a man sent off, how do we break it down. As usual it was just sheer weight of pressure rather than guile from us.

I agree totally with David Moyes it ruined a good game.Sure we may have lost,drawn or won if it stayed 11 vs 11 but what a stupid decision. He compounded it it by giving us a rather soft pen when Suarez enacted his Willem Defoe impression, but I suppose justice was done when Dirk missed. Maybe its a bit of payback from some of the bad luck with decisions we have had lately. Anyway I will take it and thankfully the disciplinary panel saw sense and rescinded the red card. Scant consolation for Everton.

Steve Clarke  was asked about our start and his response was average. I couldn't agree more. We have not been great starters fro many years now, perhaps that id borne of always bringing new players and throwing them in. Enrique and Adam have slotted in nicely but Downing, Carroll and Henderson still finding their feet, with the latter out of his depth entirely.  Bellamy hasn't really had a chance yet but against Brighton he and Suarez looked like a partnership. I haven't seen that with Carroll and Suarez. Carroll  still looks overweight and slow and has poor touch and awareness. I have a certain sense of deja vu, we went through all this with Crouch. A player more nimble of foot and with a better 1st touch and positional awareness than Carroll and we sold him!

I am not saying Carroll won't get there he is very young and like Henderson they need time, unfortunately with our predicament at playing catch up with the other 'Big Clubs' we don't think have the luxury of doing that in the Premiership. I think we should use the best weapons we have and surprisingly with Stevie G coming back that weapon is pace. Suarez,Bellamy,Downing, Gerrard, Enrique,Kelly and Johnson are all quick. Lets use Carroll and Henderson as impact players at this stage they can come on when the game is won or indeed when we are chasing it against tired opponents. 

I see our MD Ian Ayre is winning friends and influencing people with his idea of allowing the Premiership clubs to sell their overseas TV right individually ala the Spanish model. A set-up that works so well that only 2 out of the 20 teams can win the League. Is that what we want. Sure the Premier League model isn't perfect but at least revenue is shared however disproportionately among all 20 clubs. That gives everyone a decent crack of the whip. How are clubs like Fulham,Stoke,Sunderland et al suppose to generate TV revenue abroad? The collective deal works for everyones benefit.

Personally I would prefer something akin to the Bundesliga model if we are going to change it. As usual the Germans are efficient and seem to get the balance right. All 18 clubs get the same amount of TV money, that way any extra revenue you earn is down to capacity, marketing and success on the pitch.

Isn't that what we should be rewarding? Not the fact that us and ManUre can attract billions of pounds from the Far Eastern TV market. Do we really need to be helping ManUre earn more money???? Its bad enough they have twice the capacity of our ground and monstrous marketing machine which churns out enough money for at least 2 major signings every year.

 We would also potentially be harming our own global brand. It might be too expensive to watch our game in some countries and as a result less people will be able to see us play. Mr Ayre clearly has not thought this through. For me this is a non-starter and from the comment on  BBC Sport there is almost no appetite from many of the other clubs. Even Chelski and Man City realise their TV revenue is linked to Liverpool and ManUre being part of the deal. Our 2 clubs have consistently been given the largest  slice of the TV money from the Sky deal and are guaranteed 22 televised game a year. The German model would still reflect that popularity but obviously we would get less money and Swansea might not appear at all during the season but so what at least they would have sufficient funds to have a decent chance of staying up.

So to tomorrow's big game. On current form this is David vs Goliath in all possible comparisons. Form,funds, results etc. We are clearly the underdogs.  We are playing a team that has scored at least 3 goals against all the other teams that finished in the top 6 last year. Am I pessimistic or worried. Honestly no. We always turn up for this game. Its not often I I take any notice of the tripe that spews forth from SithLord Fergie's mouth, never mind agree with it. He said its still the biggest game in England and indeed in Europe as far as local rivalry, intensity and passion is concerned.
Its the one fixture that everyone looks for no matter who they support.

I really think we can beat then tomorrow despite their form,pace and goal threat. We have plenty of our own. they like us don't have a settled back four due to injuries. Their central midfield only works if they have possession. We can starve them of that. Also we are at home and the atmosphere will be electric and intimidating. Team selection is key. for me 4-4-2 will leave us too exposed against their counter-attacking style. I would go with 4-2-3-1 again but with a few personnel changes.


Kuyt and Bellamy have a far better workrate than Downing and Henderson at present. Plus Bellers is bound to wind a few of the Mancs up. Kuyt can help Kelly with Ashley Young.  I know starting Stevie G might be a risk but what the hell, if he only last 60-70 minutes he can have such an impact on our play and to be honest we are all dying to see how he links with Suarez. Lets give it both barrels tomorrow. I would rather we lost by having a go rather than trying to keep it tight and losing anyway.

Cmon the Reds!!!!!! Lets send them back to their Theatre of Delusions to their soulless marketing machine of a club empty handed!


P.S. A little bit or Premier League history made before the International break that has probably escaped everyone else on Planet Earth's attention. Danny Murphy's pen against QPR makes him the highest scoring 'M' in Premier league history (50). 1 ahead of our own Gary McAllister, 4 ahead of  Paul Merson,  9 ahead of Steve McManaman.  Not a bad midfield quartet that!!! Alas it probably wont be his for long as Flourent Malouda has 39 goals.

A wasted life and mind full of useless information.