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I have been a Red since I was about 6 or 7. My boyhood hero was Kenny Dalglish and I have an autograph from him while he was still at Celtic. Thanks Gran! As such I gravitated towards the team he played for. So I have been Scottish-South African- Scoucer for about 30 years now! I am extremely passionate about our club, and have felt the need to start this blog in the face of the abject nature of our performaces under Benitez and the Hicks/Gillett ownership.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lancashire Hotpot - Well Done

Well what can I say 6 points out of six against the 2 most stubborn teams in the Premier League.

Well Done Roy its a start, might be 8 games too late but considering that we are only 5 or 6 points off 4th at the moment thats not too bad.

Against Blackburn we resembled a motivated, dangerous team, something not seen since those mad 10 games 2 seasons ago when Rafa took the leash of and we were scoring 4 against everyone.

If Paul Robinson hadn't had a worldy, we would have scored 6. Moreiles was particularly effective and Torres looked like he might actually be interested.

So I was full of optimism today, but alas we dropped down to the usual dross we have been producing, so far this season. The turning point was Joe Cole getting injured. Ngog made a difference as suddenly Bolton were faced with someone who wanted to play for their club and could pass to their own teammates!

So far Joe Cole's 2 best contributions have come when he has off the pitch. Sent off against Arsenal, we woke up and almost won if not for the Sun and Pepe not wearing a hat. Today his injury necessitated a change in formation which ultimately changed the match.

I dont know why Hodgson cant see 4-4-2 is the way forward with this squad and Gerrard has to play in centre mid not off Torres. Torres woke up when Ngog came and the whole midfield looked better, even Lucas!!!! Soty and Skrtel were excellent at the back.

So things are moving in the right direction however we have some testing games coming up. Chelski and their squad of Behemoths arrive on Sunday. We will need to change the personnel in midfield as Essien, Mikel and Ramires outrank our Hobbot army in midfield. The Drog and Anelka and a back 4 of Ivanovic,Terry-Alex-Cashley , it wont be easy and I would take a draw now.

Wigan away should be fine, I was at Fulham yesterday and if there is team destined for the Championship its them. They were useless. Stoke away, WestHam at home and then Spurs away, if we can take 10 or more points from these 5 we will be back at the right end of the table.

Can anyone out there please tell me why our 6"1' captain takes corners???? We have a bunch of hobbits/dwarfs midgets in midfield but waste him taking corners, surely Maxi could take them?? Then we might have 4 people to aim at from corners? just a thought......


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sticky Toffee Puddings!!!

Well I suppose I should start with the ownership pantomime.

It appears to be over now and John.W Henry and NESV are now in charge, most of our debt with RBS has been cleared and some funds set aside for mManager to strengthen a worfully inadaquate squad.

I watched Hick's interveiw with SKY and it was cringe worthy, spouting rubbish about lack of loyalty and that the club was in a sound financial position!!!!
Tom simply finance rules apply.Your lender has given you 3 extentions to pay off a debt that is almost akin to the value of the club.

You have made no attempt to rectify that. Mr Broughton was appointed to secure a decent price for the club and has done that. You signed non-interference clause, which you violated by trying to fire the legitimalte board and attempting to replace them with your son and a woman who no doubt performs sexual favours for you and to add insult to injury you try get a good ole boy from texas to overrule the BRITISH HIGH COURT. How arrogant and stupid are you?????

You have bankrupted the Texas Rangers, your mate has had his Nascar team confiscated, you are a pair of clowns who use heavily leveraged financing to give the appearance of wealth. I say good good riddance to you and your 'mate'. Gillett may be the name but the sharpest tool in the shed he aint!

So onto today fare. Well Mr Hodgson, what the Fuck was that????????

You have had 2 weeks to really think about how you want to utalise the squad you have and how best to play against Everton. When i saw the starting 11 I was mildly concerned. Everton are a threat in the air and you deploy 4 hobbits in midfield.

Worse still in what was a must win game you play Lucas?????? Roy this man is not capable of anything resembling football talent. Sure we have had some shocking signings in the past, towards the end of King Kenny's reign he signed some dross (Jimmy Carter, the ex-president would have been better!). Under Houllier we have seen Djimi Traore, Le Tallec, Simana Pongo-Pongo and Oleg Biscan. But surely you would want to distance yourself from the worst player EVER to wear a Liverpool shirt. I dont know a single Liverpool fan on this planet who rates this thing, so why do you play him?????? Its like being a man short. He is always in the wrong place at the right time, causing mayhem amongst his own teammates. He can pass has no positional sense and could not tackle a fish supper!!!!

You got it so wrong today, a depleted Everton side and you went out not to lose, them at halftime when we were clearly getting stuffed, you did nothing, then at 2-0 you waited 20 FUCKING MINUTES before making any changes. Roy if a formation and personnel has caused you to be 2-0 down after 55 minutes them you need to change it now! Unfortunately the team you finished with was the team you should have started with. Cole,Maxi and Lucas were about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Unsuprisingly the introdution of a 2nd striker and some pace down the wings with Babel and Milan we looked a threat, but you only gave them 15 minutes to change a course of a game that we had been struggling with since the 5th minute!!!!!! understandable if we were 1-0 down to Madrid, Barca or Chelsea, but not 2-0 down to Everton! If you had given Ngog, Babel and Jovanovic 35-40 minutes you might have squeaked a draw.

Torres still isn't fit or interested, I have said it before and I will say it again. That boy needs 2 months with no football and seeing as we appear to be aiming for 17the give the time off. Ngog and Babel contirbuted more in 10 minutes than Torres, Cole and Maxi had in 80.

Roy no more rubbish please, there does not appear to be a plan or belief. I have just watched Blackpool thrash Man City and lose they played with belief. We just seem to capitulate. No more small minded negative tactics, we are not Fulham we are LFC!!!!!!!

4-4-2 - Johnson-Skrtel-Kygriakos-Konchesky, Babel-Gerrard-Morelies-Jovanovic, Cole-Ngog. At home thats what we should be playing and away against the bigger team in the League substitute Poulsen for Moreiles. That is your best team, agreed its not great but there is pace and genuine threat, obviously it would be better with a fit motivated and interested Torres but at the moment he is as much a liability as Lucas and Carra. You can always use Spearing and Pacheco as other options, but most of the players you are using dont offer anything at all.

Roy we are 19th in the Premier League sandwiched between Wolves and West Ham, this is not an accident or due to results not going our way. I have not seen us put in a single Premier League standard performance yet this year. We are conceding almost 2 goal every game thats the best part of 80 over the whole season. You know what happens to teams that do that, they get parachute payments and Scunthorpe away as a reward!!!!!

Next 3 game are Bolton,Blackburn and Chealsea, where the hell are you getting points there playing the way we are?????


But Roy might be if there is not a serious improvement..... We have never sacked a manager after 10 games, he sure is trying!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Utterly Useless in Utrecht - Rocked by the Seasiders

Well if ever one Blog post followed another seamlessly then guess this one does.

What an utter disgrace that performance was last week. We looked more clueless, lacked more cohesion and if possible slower!!! Honestly, what is going on here. there is no leadership on the pitch and there seems to be less from bench. Other than Sammy Lee doing his usual jack-in-box routine. Nothing. Our new manager sits there looking nervious and biting finger nails, but no change in the tactics or approach.

He then has the audacity to spout off about positive from the game. The only positive I saw was that a perfectly good goal for Utrecht was ruled out, and despite our ineptitude we hung on grimly. Hardly anything postive there Roy!!!

It appears much of same approach against Blackpool, although I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it yet. One can only handle so much depression at a time. Don't want to be hastening the arrival of SADS unnecessarily.

It all looks a bit too tentative, as if the players are scared to play. This smacks of a Benitez hangover.However I can't believe that the man who has managed Fulham so successfully over the last 2 1/2 season can be so inept. Fulham played high tempo passing football, closed down opposition and generally didn't allow crosses into the box. Even a 'luxury' player like Damien Duff tackled back and gave his all every week. What do we seem to be getting small minded, small club football. We are LIVERPOOL FC. The most succesful English Club EVER (just).

I am unhappy to be thinking about calling for his head already. That is generally a knee jerk reaction of an unstable club ala Newcastle or Leicester. I cant believe that he has basically no effect on the squad of players that are there. We have seen no spark of inspiration. Joe Cole looked good until he got sent off at Arsenal and now seems to be shoehorned out on the left where he did very little fo Chelsea. Not sure what Hodgson thinks he is going to get from him out there.

The players Hodgson has bought Poulsen, Meireles, Konchesky dont seem to be adding anything. Understand Poulsen and Ches are necessities, bourne out of replacing Mascha and having no left back to speak of at the club. I like Miereles, but when Spurs have snaffled Van Der Vaart for 3.5 mill less what have we actually bought! For Portugal and Oporto, he plays in the Stevie G/Joe Cole role, with the occasional foray on the right wing. He seems to not have a defined role when he does play and is struggling with the pace of the game. Unfortunately that last statement is true of the whole squad not just the new arrvals.

I dont think the game has changed that much since May has it? Chelski and Man City seem to be doing well with 7 defenders on the pitch and 3 attackers.Typical boring Italian tactics, hardly brilliant or new, Mourinho has made a career out of copying that approach. Thats only slighty worse than all the Benitez copiers at the World cup with their 4-2-3-1's.

Why do we look out of depth in all matches at the moment? Benitez has left a hell of a legacy if the players are so low on self belief that they can play even worse than they did under him! Like a herion addict, they know its bad for them and will make them feel more worthless than they do currently. One more uninspiring Rafa match pleeeease, shouts Stevie G and Carra!!!No I cant see it.

Torres still looks unhappy. Probably understandable because he is clearly not fit and if we are being honest hasnt been for about 2 years. He needs 2 month with no football to sort his body out.And as we look like not qualifying for next years Europa League, never mind the CL, perhaps now is a good time to rest him. After all finishing 8th or 17th, whats the difference? You dont play in Europe and you are still in the Premier League.

Roy this is what we DEMAND an Liverpool 11 to do.

1) Have Passion and Desire. At the moment I dont see a single player who is playing their hearts out for the shirt. That unfortunately falls at your door Roy. They should want to die to play for Liverpool anything less is not good enough.

2) Have the ability to control and pass the ball to another player in same colour shirt, quickly and effectively. Most of the squad should have this basic ability after all they are professional footballers. Its like being an accountant and not being able to count......

3) Play attractive high tempo football with a purpose and cutting edge. Simply the Liverpool Way. Others have copied it, hell Ajax have been claiming its their way for 40 years, but we all know it was Mr Shankly who started all this pretty triangles on the floor stuff! Roy I have seen you mould Fulham team into this model with players of far less ability, playing 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1, So please mate sort it out. That is your remit - motivate, tactical nous, drive. Not seeing anything at all on that front.

4) To be feared by every club in the land!!!! We want our mojo back Roy, it has been living in Salford for too long and appears to be leaking towards the Kings Road at the moment. Ian Holloway should not be able to stand in a post match press conference and say he wasn't worried about coming to Anfield! He should have been shitting himself!!!!! You need to make Anfield the most intimidating place in the land, not the soft touch it currently is. How do you do that, by doing the above! QED.

20% of the season is gone and we are probably 6-8 points worse off than where we should be. The 2 trips to Manchester werent points we expected, but it was the performances that really hurt. Totally out played, thought and fought. Blackpool and Sunderland should have been dispatched at home. If we had 11 or 12 points I would say decent start not too much ground lost. But unfortuantely Roy I have to give you a 'F' for fail at the moment.The last I expected of you was more negative dross.

We have to take 9 from 9 before Chelsea visit on the 7th of November, who knows we might we 12th by then!!! That wont be easy with away trips to Toffees and Trotters! (Not a meal I would look forward to). These 5 points dropped to Sunderland and Blackpool will ultimately cost us any chance to finish back in the top 4. SO next Summer Reina, Torres and Gerrard will be gone, but dont worry we will still have Babel, Lucas and Carra! Cant wait to play Scunthopre in the Championship in 2012/2013!!


PS - For those of you who enjoy my rants please check out Phil McNulty's BBC sport Blog/articles.He has asimilar passion for the Reds and puts his points across more susinquently and eloquently.

No I am not being paid to advertise for him!!!