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I have been a Red since I was about 6 or 7. My boyhood hero was Kenny Dalglish and I have an autograph from him while he was still at Celtic. Thanks Gran! As such I gravitated towards the team he played for. So I have been Scottish-South African- Scoucer for about 30 years now! I am extremely passionate about our club, and have felt the need to start this blog in the face of the abject nature of our performaces under Benitez and the Hicks/Gillett ownership.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Braging about the Black Cats?

Well a missed few days for us, a poor performace and result for us on Thursday and a much better one today.

Thursday we lacked any ideas and kept lumping aimless longballs at Carroll. We started brightly in the first 15-20 minutes and then lost our way again. Our midfield was full of players who want to face our own goal, so they simply squeezed the play with a high line and that nullified us. The purpose of Joe Cole on the pitch wasnt clear to me, he was the best player Braga had! He kept turning blindly into Braga player, giving away posession and then when he did have time and space he wanted for too long and too many touches. Joe Cole will always take 3 touches when 1 will suffice. By all means he wasnt the only one even Meireles struggled. He also gives ball away when asked to play a more disciplined central role.

I do think Kenny got the tactics wrong. Braga were always going to come and play on the counter and with our squad sadly lacking in pace we didnt have single player on the pitch who could stretch the game in behind. We played the ball to frequently and early to Carroll and when he did win the ball, we were very rarely first to the second ball. The only positive was that we got 90 minutes out of Carroll and he certainly does look a threat in the air however he does lack mobility. Hindsight is a great thing but surely giving one or two of the wingers in the reserves team a run might have been an idea?

Its something we will have to address in the summer cant have someone like Carroll in the team and have no wingers to deliver the ball. We also need leftback desparately. Johnson is doing a good job there but its worrying that we dont really have one. It does make you wonder why we ever sold Riise. Rumours in the press today suggest a seaky bid for Leighton Baines is in the offing, think that would be a good shout. Adds to the English quota required under the new rules and as he already plays in the PL and in Liverpool could hit the ground running. Other options would be Luis Enrique at Newcastle or perhaps Prasnic at Bayern, seeing as they wont be playing in Europe next season.

On the winger front, Ribery would be a great signing but with us not playing top table football next year, highly unlikely we can attract someone of that quality. Podolski would still be available as Stuttgard are in a relegation battle in the Bundesliga. Down the right not sure, Ashley Young seems to be Legion of Doom bound. Nzogbia would still be top of my list as he can play on either flank and is very direct. Still think someone like Eagles or Snodgrass could do a job for us as well. Maybe even Seb Larsson at Birmingham, he would add goal threat from freekicks which we dont really have even with Gerrard, when last did he score or did we score from a freekick from him???

On the Stevie G front, glad he has had Op to sort out his groin, perhaps he will be of some use to us next season. To be honest he hasnt done much in the last 18 months at 31 we have start think about using him more wisely. He clearly doesnt need to play every week when he is fit, sure we are better with him to a degree but the newer boys are doing a good job.If I am beig honest I wouldnt mind if we sold him in the summer. I know that might seem a bit premature but really how many more seasons in the centre of midfield does he have in him? And if someone will give is 20-25 million we surely couldnt say no.

Spearing was immense today and was only just shaded by Suarez for man of the match today. Good to see another Scouse Scally in the team. Today's game was strange one. We were under pressure for large periods in the 1st half but created the better chances. Clearly Suarez and Carroll need to develop as a partership there was a lot of crossed wires in the first half. The 1st goal was always going to be key and we were fortunate to get the pen. I thought the ref got it right originally, it was freekick outside the box. Even after his linesman flagged he could still have went with his original decision. Still thats 2 lots of payback for the beachball goal last season.

Anyway feed the Gurkha and he will score, Dirk is proving to be a serious goal threat this season although to be fair in the last 4 seasons he has only been outscored by Stevie G and Torres. He is the only player in double figures for goal at the moment.

Suarez's goal was a peach and was reminiscent of the goal Torres scored against Spurs a couple of seasons ago and obviously his mazy run last week against the Scum. He is going to be crucial for us in the next 3 or 4 seasons. Like the fans Depeche Mode tribute signing his name to the tune of 'Just Cant Get Enough'.

Stupid International break now.The second half of the season just never seems to get going. Play 2 or 3 games then stop. Lets see how many walking wounded we get back from that, then off to the Hawthorns to see uncle Woy. I would like West Brom to stay up but cant see it happening with Woy there. They should have beaten Arsenal out of sight yesterday. Unfortuately with the way results have gone over the weekend ManUre are stumbling and bumbling their way to the title which their play and lack of quality just dont deserve. They will go down as the worst team to ever with the Premier League, especially gallig as it will take then past us. Hopefully the bulbous nosed Prick will retire and give us all peace after that.


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sweet Little Victory

I hope Fergie crys,cry, crys (Title and first line to be sung to tune of Wet,Wet,Wet's Sweet Little Mystery - Please)

What a great performance today! Thankfully Kenny doesnt read this blog and didnt select personnel or formation that looked anything like my suggested line-up!

We were in their faces from the get-go and as I have been telling anyone in the Universe who will listen (and those who wont) that is the best way to beat them. Every team in the PL that has had a go at ManUre has got something out of it. I have watched them come to Fulham thrice and they have left with only 1 point. Why? Simple. Danny runs the game and they dont get 2 seconds peace in posession. It really rattles them and they lose focus. For too long teams have let them play. Wolves,Chelski and us have shown the way now the rest of the League must follow suit.

Their line-up suprised me, not the Back 4 or up front but the midfield.Carrick (like Barry sideways and backwards - is it any wonder England struggle when these 2 clowns have loads of caps and Scotty Parker has bugger all??), Scholes (305 years old), Giggs (307 years old) and Nani. Perhaps Scholes and Nani were to be expected, but the other 2? Fletcher always plays in the big games for them. Thats where we won the game, Maxi,Dirk,Meireles and Lucas never let them settle. I dont include Stevie as his contribution was muted with little cameos at the end of each half. Even Van Der Sar looked panicked, I have never seen him come out to clear his lines so much.

Our 2-0 lead was fully deserved. Suarez's mazy dribble for the 1st goal was Messi-esque. Whether we deserved to have 11 men on the pitch at that stage is debatable. Carra's tackle on Nani was shocking, especially as he had kindly given Dirk his 2nd goal with a beautiful header to the far post!! Clearly Phil Dowd got that wrong and the fall-out caused another flashpoint a couple of minutes later with Maxi,Rafael and Lucas. Had the ref sent Jamie off perhaps the latter wouldnt have happened. I wish I could have sympathy with the MoanUers but they get so many dodgy decisions and an extra 66 minutes per season to score goals they can go fuck themselves!

What were The Legions of Doom thinking wanting to get involved in a brawl with us? Think about it, from the players they had on the pitch only Scholes and Rooney would have been capable of throwing a punch. Skrtel and Spartacus (Soty) would beaten them all to a pulp on their own!!

Would a red card have changed the result? I dont think so. Sure we would have been under pressure but we were better than then all over the pitch and other maybe 15-20 minutes in the middle of the 2nd half they didnt create a thing worth talking about.

Dirk was magnificent and I swear he has picked up a yard or so of pace, perhaps he is no longer bulking up at the gym. Suarez was mesmerising, along with Dirk they are going to be a formidable partership. Carroll may have to wait for a long run in the team! Meirleles was class again and yes I am going to say it Lucas was immense. He won almost every tackle, Scholes even shat out of a few with him. His passing was magic and he was even giving Stevie G gyp again. Perhaps we will make a player out of him yet! Great to see Carroll get on, his first touch was header on target and his second a nod down to Dirk. We certainly look better going forward these days.

Shrek did nothing again in a big match. (Another overhyped England player). Carra kept showing him inside and he kept trying to shoot even Scholes lost his rag with him towards the end. I think Scholes and Van Der Sar can say they put a shift in. The rest showed what we know already they arent that good. Long may the poor form continue for the residents of the Theatre of Delusions.

On the negative side for us, Fabio broke down again. Perhaps Benitez was right to let him go. The guy cant run for more than 10 minutes without falling apart. Stevie G still isnt right. Hopefully he can get some rest over the next few weeks. Hopefully we wont need him for the Europa home leg against Braga. We have been playing well without him. It was was also a little disappointing to let them score at the death.

On the whole 'A Perfect Day'


Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Honeymoon is over!

Jeez I cant believe its a month since I blogged, where does the time go.

Well Torres performed exactly as expected at Chelsea against us, other than Maxi's gift in the first couple of minutes he was a non-event. He couldnt hit a cow in the arse with a banjo on the day and that seems to have continued his subsiquent performances for Chelski. He is no longer our problem and good luck to him with his 'Bigger and Better' club.

Just to draw a line of sorts under the Torres affair, the highly respected pundit (by me anyway!) Paul Merson made a statement on Soccer Saturday before our game with Chelski that Torres would comfortably outscore Suarez and Carroll over the next year. So I have created the 'Mersonometer' on the right-hand side to keep score. I will update this after League games if any of the 3 players score. The cut-off date will be the end of next January's window and we shall see if Merson know his onions!

So why is the honeymoon over?I dont mean King Kenny,no I am talking about the players. Since our victory over Chelski, we have turned in 4 Benitez/Hodgson-esque performances. The draw with Wigan, the Europa double header with Sparta Prague and lastly the pathetic dispaly against relegation fodder West Ham. This is not acceptable, we have seen this under the previous 2 clowns where we have 1 excellent result and then dont bother our arses again until the next big game.

Dont understand whats going on in the players heads. We should be equally motivated for every game. Sure, Everton, Manure and Chelski games come in a little higher on the emotion scale but the core requirements to perform to our potential are the same. Our players lack the ability to be consistent. Probably why we are where we are.Hell even Pepe is starting to look a bit dodgy.

On the positive side Meireles is proving to be a gem. Martin Kelly is showing Glen Johnson how to be a rightback, both going forward and defensively. Stevie G is back although he was well below par last week against West Ham it was his 1st game back after a 6 week lay-off. Rumours abound that Carroll will be ready to start tomorrow. That would be a huge boost. Especially in light of the Legions of Doom's defensive issues. Smalling and O'Shea wont relish Suarez and Carroll.

I would play 4-5-1 and do exactly what Chelski did to them.Get in their faces and press,press,press,press. Fletcher ,Scholes ad Carrick dont like that. Our problem is if we have no Meirles and Carroll isn't fit. Lets assume that is where we will be tomorrow, I would go as follows.


Think that gives us a nice balance, Fab can help Danny with Nani if he plays left and if he plays right, Johnson has the pace to keep up. I would go with Spearing rather than Poulsen or Shelvey in the middle of the pitch. Poulsen is useless and Shelvey is not a box-to-box kind of player. Spearing may be short but he works hard and doesn't mind a tackle or five. With the above personnel we can always go to 5-3-2or 4-4-2 without having to sub anyone. If its still tight with 25 to go the throw on Carroll. I wouldnt play Joe Cole, I dont think he is the kind of player for the blood and thunder of tomorrrow. cerrtainly worth a cameo appearance if we are chasing the game of are already 5-0 up!

Obviously the ref will be under pressure after Sith Lord Fergie's rants this week. The man is a hypocritical fool. Neville should have walked twice this season when they were 1-0 down against Stoke and West Brom. They won both those games. Shrek should have walked on Saturday, result they score 4 and he was involved in all of them. So what if Atkinson gave then nothing on Tuesday and didnt send of Luiz. Thats 1 game in a season they havent got the rub of the green. They have 9 points that they possibly wouldn't have got, so losing out on 1 against Chelski isnt a huge loss for them, especially since the Gooners made a mess of their game today.

Perhaps if the geraitic git didnt insult the refs so much he might get more from them. Lets hope we have top drawer performance tomorrow, we will need it. Our goal has to be to finish 6th and hope that one of the top 4 win the FA Cup. Bolton have a pretty easy run-in playing mostly teams in the bottom half of the league, so they will push us hard for that 6th spot.

Come On You Reds!!!