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I have been a Red since I was about 6 or 7. My boyhood hero was Kenny Dalglish and I have an autograph from him while he was still at Celtic. Thanks Gran! As such I gravitated towards the team he played for. So I have been Scottish-South African- Scoucer for about 30 years now! I am extremely passionate about our club, and have felt the need to start this blog in the face of the abject nature of our performaces under Benitez and the Hicks/Gillett ownership.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I have been re-miss in not posting anything for a couple of weeks, but after forcing myself to watch our last 2 game against Unirea & Man City, I have required suicide counselling from the Samartans! And have only just been given the all clear.

Although I am not sure the Samaritans are aware that we are playing tomorrow night again! maybe I should tell them to put extra people on the phones!

All I can say about our recent performances is that they have been consistent with most of the dros we have had to endure for the last 5 & 1/2 seasons under this clown. Honestly other than those mad 10 games or so last season when we played some Roy of the Rovers stuff, we have consistently provided nothing but boring, effective, result driven football, always doing just enough. This is not the ethos of Liverpool Football Club or indeed a team that is suppose to be challenging for trophies.

I am sick of having to sit in pubs with my mates who support the other 3 teams at the top and they are all generally talking about trophies and good quality football, while I have to make excuses for the lack of ambition and direction shown by our clueless FSW.

Never has 1 man got so little from so much. He has let good players like Luis Garcia,Crouch,Keane,Arbeloa,Finnan and of course Alonso leave, and what has he really brought in? We have seen a plethora of bits and bobs players or as one of my work colleagues so aptly puts it 'carlos-kick-a-balls', come in to replace these players. Degen, he was injured when he arrived and thankfully has stayed injured for most of his time with us far. Like that dosy Dossena, looks good as a winger but not much use as a fullback!Voronin,Lucas etc all woefully under done and not up to what we need. Obviously up front is where we are lacking the most, and while I think Kuyt and young Ngog are doing a decent job leading the line, Kene Crouch or Torres they aint.

Glad to see that Yossi & Torres are regaining fitness and we might be able to squeak 4th, but really do we deserve it and will it be down the efforts of the players rather than any tactical nous shown by the goate-ed moron.

We have about 7 decent players, but after the amount of players we have seen come and go surely we should have more than this? Chelsea have about 20 decent players, Arsenal about the same although most of then need a responsible adult to accompany them to a 18+ movie! As for the Legions of Doom they have about the same as us, yet their inbred Govan scumbag leader seems to make the team equal more than the sum of the parts. How else do you explain a midfield made up of Scholes,Giggs, Fletcher, Carrick, Valencia doing well. Its average at best. Only Valencia would get into our midfield (Lucas aside obviously, who as we know would be on the bench at Scunthorpe!).Giggs & Scholes are too old, and Fletcher and Carrick arent in the same league as Mascha & Stevie G. They also rely on 1 man up front, and have a decent back 4 and keeper. Yet we are so far behind them that even if they didnt play another game this season we would probably just catch their points in the last week of the season.

Rafa has also chopped and changed the reserve team coach and doesnt seem to have the confidence to use any of these players, then why change the coach and pretend its important. We havent seen enough of Spearing,Darby,Plessis,Kelly the on loan Nemeth. Our players at this level when comnpared to Arsenal and Legions of Doom are easily 3 or 4 years behind in development. He very rarely send anyone on loan, and with only 16 reserve matches a season, how are these players suppose to develop? Sure maybe the 1st team isnt the place, but playing mickey mouse reserve team footie isnt helping either. We need to send a raft of these boys out on loan to Championship/League1 clubs and then see what they are like when we get them back.

Funilly enough the pig at the 'theatre of delusions' was at a similar point in his managerial tenure when he had no choice to but to play the youngsters, and the rest is history. If Hicks & Gillette arent putting their hands in their pockets, what else can he do?

Hopefully we have enough to see off Unirea and Blackburn, but I wouldn't hold my breathe.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Gunned down by a Webb of Defensive Dros

Well I am sorry to repot that I told you so.

Wenger played Bendtner up front and we played our 2 tackling Hobbits. Result - we got stuffed. Arsenal have just come off the back of 2 heavy defeats to 2 teams who used their power and pace on the counter attack to destroy them.

So what does the useless,incompetent,stubborn FSW do............. Play the same crap formation and team he has done all season!!!!!!!!! Brilliant I bet Wenger didn't see that coming!!!!

Agreed we dont have a lot of power and pace in our squad, but who's fault is that? almost 70 players brought in and over 80 moved on and what do we have..... nothing better than when he started.

Surely this game cried out for Babel at least from the start instead of Ngog or Maxi? Instead our counter-attacking consisted of Dirk, Maxi & Ngog, neither of whom would beat a tortoise with a piano straped to its back over 10 yards, never mind a Back 4 with the pace of Arsenal's! I assume we were counter-attacking because we didnt attempt to cross the halfway line in the first half and gave up after a little bit of effort in the 1st ten of the 2nd half!

Its been the case too many times under Benitez, we only start to play once we are behind. He went to the Emirates and played like Wolves (oh no, they won!), hoping not to lose but not doing anything to try and win the game. Almunia's first contribution came in the 81st minute when he made great save from the only person on the pitch who had a shot in anger at their goal in 95 minutes... Babel, who sadly only played his usual 15 minutes.

As to the goal itself, how the fuck does a 6'2 guy not get marked at all when we are defending under pressure. If you watch the cross, Skrtel is at the near post marking the ghost of Xmas past(well there wasnt anyone there!!) and Degen is at the actually defending by blocking off Walcott. What exactly were the rest of the team doing????? Not a single Pool player in a defensive situation was located anywhere between the 2 posts 6 yard out. WTF is that, surely not even Rafa's rubbish zonal non-marking teaches you to vacate the 18 yard box when the other team has the ball out wide and are about 10 yards from the deadball line.

Next the magnificent Howard Webb, not the worst ref in the Premier League in by a long way (that honour is a toss up between Mason & Bennett), but how could he book Bendtner for diving, there is contact from Agger by unlike the newly legally blind Andy Gray declared before a replay was shown, it was outside the box, not inside so not a pen. Honestly the more Mr Gray pundificates, the more he sounds like that Irish clown the let do the La Liga games. Anyway i digress.

Mr Webb's next crime against football was at the end. Blatant handball by Fabregas for that last free-kick, so that should have been a sending off. And as Fabregas wasted 75 seconds deciding were we should take the 1st free kick from, we should have had another free kick and at least another minute of play. This is not sour grapes, we deserved bugger all and thats what we got.

Thank God we will be undefeated this weekend, and can now take 10 days to prepare for Urine of Romania or whetever they are called in Europa-diddy-not-quite-good enough-trophy. Which everyone remembers the winner of.......NOT

YNWA ....... but I an getting tired of the direction we are going in.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

No Sticky Toffee for our Puddings

Well, what can we say about Saturday's peformance. When will Everton realise that if the turn the game into a war, we will win. I thought Carra set the tone right from the start and by booting Pienaar up into the air. That made it quite clear we were not going to back down. LOVE IT.

It was a throwback to bygone days, when that sort of physical commitment was commonplace, now people are calling it brutal. How the game has changed! I thought the ref got most things right, no complaints with Soty getting sent off, you cant go into a tackle 2 footed and expect to stay on the park. Thought Fellini should have gone too, he knew what was coming and did his best to break Soty's leg. Pienaar should have gone for the tackle on Mascha, he wasn't even looking at the ball, which was on the ground not at the height of Javier's knee!

Well onwards and upward we go, despite not playing anything like the football we have been capable of in the past. Thankfully the other teams around us cant string a series of results together and if Spurs and Villa are serious about CL, then that dros they both served up on Saturday evening isn't going to cut it.

Thankfully Man City are also all over the place, Adebayor coming back seems to have upset their balance.Losing to Hull isn't really good enough, long may it continue.

Looking ahead to Wednesday night, no doubt after the 2 teams at the top have shown that 4-3-3 counter-attacking is the way to beat Arsenal, our FSW will play 4-4-2 with Lucas and Mascha, giving Fabregas and Arshavin the freedom of the Emirates to hurt us. The other thing we have to factor in is surely Wenger won't make the same mistake 3 games in a row with his personnel. Or is he just as stubborn as Rafa??? He must start with Bendtner through the middle, just to give them an out ball. Anyway, I am all for a bit of plaigerism. Here is my team for Wednesday night.

Goal - Pepe
Defence - Carra-Skrtel-Agger-Aurelio
Midfield - Masha- Stevie G - Spearing
Attack - Babel-Kuyt-Riera

I know thats a bit controvertial, but Insua is too slow and Walcott will eat him for breakfast. Aurelio is taller,quicker, a better tackler and gives us another free-kick option.Spearing is a better player than Lucas, he can go box to box, isnt shy to tackle and can shoot and pick a pass, all things Lucas is incapable of.

Obviously if we are going to counter-attack, then we need pace up front, Babel and Riera give us that. Dirk is scoring or fun and can be interchanged wth Babel either out right or through the middle. Prefer Dirk through the middle if we play like this as Babel does not really compete with centre-half when he does play through the middle. Lets beat the Gooners and close that gap to just 2 points then 3rd is looking good, who would have thought that a month ago!



Monday, 1 February 2010

Tide Turning

Well its been a few games since my last posting. We have managed to beat Spurs who thankfully didnt get off the bus, and of course one of the most generous offside decisions ever given after Soty and Pepe made a complete mess of things.

Next we bored Wolves and the World to death again, and Saturday looks like we have been quite comfortable against Bolton, despite somem suicidal defending and pathetic finishing.

So has the tide turned are we going to go on a run to cement 4th place. I think not, we are still not dominating games the way we should and with our next 3 fixtures, being the Bluenose scum, Man City and the Gooners, I dont see 9 points there. If we want to finish 4th, thats what we need.

I think we will have too much for Everton, as they like a fight and that probably sits us better. Man City could go either way, if they play like they did against Pompey yesterday, we will win. If they play like the did against the Legions of Satan in the League Cup, then we will lose, so I will go for a draw. And despite their result yesterday I can see us beating Arsenal away.

Why have we been better over the last few weeks? Easy Jamie Carragher has not been in the centre of defence. Before you all lynch me for pillorying this Icon of our great club, just look at the evidence. Last season he gave away around 7 penalties, this season he has been out muscled by such behomoths of the game as Frederic Pecacho from Pompey and the mighty goal scoring machine that is Bobby Zamora! Enough said.

Also Albert Riera is back, giving us natural width on the left and adding another dimension to our attacking play, and lastly the cock-eyed Roman Emperor is finally playing! If only Rafa had bit the bullet sooner with him, we might not have suffered draw with Birmingham and Blackburn & pathetic defeats away at Pompey.

I have to give Rafa some credit, he didnt play Lucas and went 4-4-2 and we looked better for it. The reason behind Lucas not playing is more to do with the fact he has 7 yellows and with the 3 opponents coming up he want him to be available for all 3. Woe are we!

Saturdays prediction 2-1 win to the Reds, after all Everton are bound to score from a set-piece at some point!