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I have been a Red since I was about 6 or 7. My boyhood hero was Kenny Dalglish and I have an autograph from him while he was still at Celtic. Thanks Gran! As such I gravitated towards the team he played for. So I have been Scottish-South African- Scoucer for about 30 years now! I am extremely passionate about our club, and have felt the need to start this blog in the face of the abject nature of our performaces under Benitez and the Hicks/Gillett ownership.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

September Blues

Well here we are 5 league games and 1 Europa Dopa game into the season and already almost all hope has been extinguished from my heart. After a muted, but effective start to the season, with 7 points from 3 games and 3 clean sheets. We imploded against West Ham and the performance at Old Trafford was probably the worst I have ever seen in my lifetime against the Scum.

We at least put the spectre of last seasons final day disaster to bed. A hard fought 1-0 win with a Coutinho worldy against Stoke. Next up Bournemouth who gave us a hard time in the League Cup last season. Thankfully Craig Pawson and his officials were feeling generous denying Tommy Elphick a perfect good and deserved piking salmon for being within 3 yards of Lily-Livered Lovren. This was followed by allowing Benteke's winner when clearly Coutinho was offside and attempted to play the ball.Whether Boruc would have got it is debatable but new law says its off.

Against Arsenal we actually played some football in the 1st half but as per usual as soon as a striker puts on a Liverpool shirt he can't finish a sentence. Then it was the Alamo for the 2nd half and we escaped with a credible draw.. 

Since then its been abysmal. The lack of understanding of what West Ham did at Arsenal is unbelievable. They employed the same tactic again, amazing that!!! They played on the break, pressed us high and basically tore us to pieces. If this sounds familiar you would be correct. See game plans employed by Steve Bruce (Hull), anyone in charge of Villa and Crystal Palace. Result an absolute stuffing. The defending was woeful, Lovren in particular was worse than he has ever been, apparently there are depths he hasn't plummed yet! He is so bad Sakho might get a start soon....

Yes another record for Brenda, West Ham haven't beaten us at Anfield since 1950 something! Our worst home defeat since 1585 in the Premier League blah-blah-blah. The tale of woe goes on.

The problems are the same as always, our defensive line is too deep when 'defending' in our own final 3rd. If you watch and decent team they rarely drop into their 18 yard box when the opponents have the ball outside the box, yet we seem to automatically drop to pen spot or even worse the 6 yard line. I can only assume that this stems from the panic mechanic flailing octopus we have in goals. 

He clearly doesn't command his area, isn't comfortable with the ball at his feet. That latter deficiency spreads a lack of belief and confidence in everything else he does. Ming-ing-olet has like size 13 feet why Brenda is trying to make this guy a footballer I don't know. He is more clown than keeper, just add a wig and a red nose....

This lack of belief from the keeper then spreads to the defenders who drop deeper earlier and leaves more space for the other team to play. At this level you cant do that.

The overplaying at the back is also pandemic with us now, never mind epidemic. Every game there are 3,4,5 moments where we put the ball at risk in a dangerous position and we just keep doing it! I get the manager wants us to play like this but surely by now he realised that he hasn't signed the players who are capable of doing this....

Against Manure we threw the ball straight to Mata and not 20secs later Minger then gave Skrtel a hospital goal kick. Like Gary Neville said in commentary someone needs to tell the Liverpool defenders they aren't Gerard Pique! Personally they are more like Nelson Piquet....trying to play football.... One day they might get that good.....

The lack of a spine or any intestinal fortitude shown against ManUre was mind boggling. They were in a similar position to us. A less than impressive start, a lot of money spent and confidence fragile. To me they were there for the taking.So what game plan did we have, simple try not to lose....... Seriously????? 

How can that EVER be acceptable for Liverpool Football Club, least of all when playing the enemy in their lair! Much like the game at Anfield toward the end of last season, we hardly made a tackle and 1st half will be consigned to ignominy for both teams. The highlights were restricted to our kamikaze defending.

Yet again we were done by a set-piece. I have no idea in which coaching manual it says that the best way to defending a potential in-swinging free-kick from out wide is to have 6 men plus your keeper no more than 3 yards off your goal line. The keeper cant see and the other team can put players where they like.... No matter what Young or Mata did we would have been in trouble.....

Then we put a bit of effort in for 10-15 mins and then gave up again. I really don't get Brendan's Rodgers plans anymore. First of all we had dominate the ball and pass to death with no real purpose. Then with Sturridge and Suarez we found a purpose. Since losing to Chelski and throwing away 3-0 lead at Palace what is the plan??? Now it seems to be to surrender possession and play on the break. This is great but we have no pace up front! Because we have bought a £32million lump!

Benteke didnt look fit and was bullied by Smalling and Blind! Seriously he hardly pulled onto Blind or tried to run in behind at all..

The much vaunted ethos seems to have been ditched. Now it seems we are in Rafa mode with square pegs in round holes. Strikers as wingers, Keepers as sweepers, centrebacks as playmakers and midfielders who cant run or tackle...

Brenda had 2 weeks to come up with a way to play against ManUre, if that was his best effort he should already be packing his bags. October has us playing 3 of the other top sides away with So'ton at home not to mention the 2 Europa Dopa fixtures.

I don't accept that injuries played a part and suspension of Coutinho shouldn't leave us bereft of anything vaguely resembling creativity. For me this is down to abject recruitment. Our sole focus this summer was pretending we could keep Sterling and then when we didn't we threw all that money away on Benteke and Firmino

Sorry but Benteke was streaky at Villa at best and he had 2 guys with pace running beyond him. We don't play that way...  As for Firmino, how did we think this guy is worth almost £30mill!!!??? Between those 2 that's £60mill!!! We could have bought Cavani and Schweinstiger with that money and had change for Cabaye!

We have known for 18 months Gerrard was going and all we end up bringing in is Milner on a free... With Allen permanently injured and out of his depth in the Premier League that leaves us with Henderson, Can and Lucas in central midfield. The most combative part of the pitch and where games are generally won and lost. Now with long term injury to Henderson and Lucas looking 5 yards too slow we have nothing in midfield... Cant help but looking at Shelvey doing so well at Swansea... Was he really that undisciplined that the mighty Brenda couldn't make him behave??? Gary Monk has turned him around!

While Clyne and Gomez have been good adds the latter is woefully inexperienced and is right footed. Why is Enrique not playing???? He is no worse than any of the players we have used in that position.

While the Europa League is viewed as joke competition by the Premier league clubs. It truly represents our best chance of getting into the Champions League. We have more chance of getting through 6 group games and winning 5 knockout ties than getting 70+ points in the League which is what you need for 4th place....

Also we have 15 players on loan, you would think with a Europa Campaign to fit in as well we would be using that to blood players??  

The loan that really befuddles me is Lazar Markovic, sure he has been under par but that does not seem to be a barrier to others for starting every week. We lack pace and we send away a player with pace.... Shey Ojo another player with pace, Jordon Sinclair same deal. Yes these guys arent going to play every week but you cant play League,League Cup Europa in October and November and expect to use 16/18 players. That's all we have. Its a pretty bare cupboard for spending £200-odd million in 3 years......

Also if Danny Ings doesn't start up front in Europa games when does he?? He was woeful as a winger against ManUre....

Brenda needs to wake up. I suspect he will be gone before the end of October unless Danny Sturridge comes back and scores 10 goals in 5 games! Get that Jurgen Klopp in!

Cant wait to see Sakho get destroyed by Nathan Redmond tomorrow after Brenda clearly hinted he will start by calling him immense against Bordeaux. God help us! We have made matters worse by giving him a long term contract, I hope its not as a football player......


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